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About Us

it’s about people.

Our Mission is Clear!

Our Vision is Horae!

About Hoarae

about people.


To provide solutions and strategies tailored to suit your business current situation in order to fortify its foundation to ensure reaching new milestones.


We aim at being your consultants of choice and stay at the front line of our industry.We ensure to provide valuable consulting and execution services that lead to outstanding long-term results.

We ensure to provide valuable consulting and execution services that lead to outstanding long-term results.

By customizing solutions based on your firm’s target market/audience, pain points, goals, and vision; we guarantee applicable solutions that can be executed for an increase in your firm’s revenues.

Our expertise in the field and constant willingness of learning and development can be demonstrated through our sales training sessions which also make us confident of the added value that we will provide for your firm. 

Our Story
In the middle of difficulties, lies opportunities. ​

The door of Horae Opened in October 2019, a few weeks before the Lebanese revolution with only 4 employees. Holding up a business during these ever-changing difficult times was thought to be impossible by most people, but against all odds, we prevailed. Growing the business in 2020 in an unstable environment was a true battle, draining us mentally, psychologically and financially. Yet, we expanded through Horae Egypt and GCC and we can proudly say that we were able to overcome all challenges, and with the efforts of our team members we kept exceeding our targets during the full period. Through hard work, resilience and an organized mind-set, Horae was able to acquire numerous clients that were highly satisfied with our approach to their business.

About Horae

Successful Business Elements

We offer comprehensive consulting services that foster a culture of constant growth. We think about the company and people by offering solutions that tackle various elements of a successful company, from building a solid foundation, planning and strategizing,to powerful collaborative people, a growth-oriented marketing and sales processes to having a profitable structure during execution. 

Value Creation

Discovering what people need or want, then creating it.


Turning prospective customers into paying customers.


Attracting attention and building demand for what it was created.
Mission, hands or business people fist bump for partnership or motivation in office meeting togethe

Value Delivery

Giving customers what was promised and ensuring they are satisfied
On that we focus

It's all about you.

A foundation that is built in hardships will maintain an unwavering resilience against all odds.

Holistic Approach

We believe in taking a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach to solving our clients' challenges. By considering every aspect of their business, we can provide well-rounded and effective solutions.

Open Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of our success. We foster open and transparent dialogues with our clients, team members, and stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal.

Results driven

We are committed to delivering tangible and measurable results for our clients. Our strategies and recommendations are designed to create meaningful and lasting impacts on their business performance.


In a constantly changing business landscape, adaptability is crucial. We stay agile and responsive, adjusting our strategies as needed to address evolving challenges and opportunities.


Our team comprises experts with diverse skill sets and industry knowledge. This expertise allows us to provide insightful and valuable guidance to our clients, helping them navigate complex business issues.


Meet Our Team

Mayssa Obeid
Mayssa Obeid Founder & Managing Director
Founder and managing director graduate in public relations and advertising from the Lebanese University, is a seasoned sales management professional with diverse industry exposure and market insights. Obeid's expertise and knowledge are highly valuable and she is dedicated to deliver excellence to every client. Her eagerness to help others as part of her consultancy and sales approach allowed her to translate her 15-year experience and skills by offering one-of-a-kind Sales Management Consulting services through Horae Group
Hisham El Badawy
Hisham El Badawy Co Founder – Egypt
Experienced CEO B.Sc focused in Biomedical Engineering from Cairo University with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. Skilled in assessment, talent management, HR consulting, deferred compensation, and employee benefits design. His strong human resources techniques made him a guru in his field. He firmly contributes to the growth of his community to help navigate any complexities

Empowering Our Esteemed Clients

Horae Group is privileged to collaborate with a diverse array of clients, delivering bespoke solutions and pioneering strategies. 


Join Our Team.