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Sales Management

Our solid experience in sales unlocks solutions, drives value, and stimulates growth.
About sales management

Sales Management Consulting

Our solid experience in Sales unlocks solutions, drive value, and stimulate growth. With our experienced consultants’ insights and advice, you can enable your organization to overcome obstacles, improve performance, bridge skill gaps, and achieve unmatched success. Our rich experience in various industries and multiple projects in different markets allows us to have an innovative and out of the box approach.

Sales Dynamics

Elevate your sales performance with expert guidance. Our sales consulting empowers your team to exceed targets, craft effective strategies, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, ensuring lasting success in a competitive market.

Sales Trainings

Enhance skills and knowledge with our comprehensive training programs. From practical application to innovative learning techniques, our training empowers individuals and teams to excel, fostering continuous improvement.

Business Dynamics

Unlock your company's full potential through strategic insights. Our business consulting offers tailored solutions, innovative approaches, and a customer-centric focus, driving growth, and solidifying your position as an industry leader.


Experience personal and professional growth with transformative coaching. Our services provide profound insights, individualized development plans, and effective strategies for goal attainment, guiding you toward meaningful progress.

What are the attributes of a world class organization? The one that is recognized as a benchmark by everyone in its industry or other industries for some aspects like: Outperformance, continuous improvement, employee and customer satisfaction, leadership and operational excellence.

Expanding Horizons 
and Fostering Growth Globally


Frequently asked questions.

We set strict policies and confidentiality agreements that all our people follow to guarantee data security for all our clients. This is done through making sure everyone understands what should be identified as confidential.  

At Horae, we provide a wide variety of courses; they're all common in enhancing the individual’s professional and personal capabilities. Registering a course for you is determined by knowing whether you are a salesperson or a sales leader and in which level you are at to sign for a basic or advanced course level.

First, we believe that providing customized solutions as well as strategic insights for our clients is essential for the company's growth, so that every problem can have a solution. Second, achieving customer satisfaction and meeting his needs and goals so that eventually he’d reach the maximum potential profit. Third, we aim for being the go-to kind of firm to your company no matter where you stand, we will assist you anyways.

Our main goal is to help our client increase revenue by putting all the effort into acquiring the maximum profit. We focus on the problem that the company is facing, do consulting, and solve the issue by providing our tailored solutions.  


Through tracking ROI, revenue growth, cost savings, and profit margins compared to pre-project levels. In addition, a better market positioning is demonstrated through increased market share, brand recognition, and an increased competitive advantage. Also, adopting new technologies, optimizing processes, or enhancing customer experiences, we are constantly looking forward to learning about new updates and adapting our strategies and services.

The Horae name originates from the ancient Greek where The Horae were the goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time.The Horae guarded the gates of Olympus and rallied the stars and constellations of heaven. The Horae were responsible of the change of season, thus the rip of the fruits, and that’s what we do at Horae Group, we protect our client’s businesses and ensure the growth of their fruits.


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Know How to Win The Client

In the dynamic world of sales, winning a client is becoming more challenging. It is not just about preparing a good pitch, it’s mainly about