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Sales Process & Sales Methodology

Most of people confuse sales process with sales methodology, as they are interchangeable. The difference between them comes to specificity.

In brief, a sales process is a unique set of actions and steps specified to an organization to which salespeople adopt to sell. While a sales methodology is a wider set of practices that supports how the sales process is mapped and executed.   

The sales process is purely customized to each company as each has its own sales process. The sales process is always linked and shaped according to the nature of the company’s industry, target personas and market position and in addition to the structure of its sales organization. Thus, at Horae Group we customize our sales trainings solutions to each company separately according to its unique sales process. By mapping out the sales process and dissecting the process into clear steps to which each step is linked to certain competencies translated by specific skills.

On the other hand, sales methodologies represent approaches that leads to better sales effectiveness and develop individual sales skills depending on which type of salesperson they are and relatively to the buyer behavior in front of them. Thus, at Horae Group we aim at identifying the best sales methodologies to be incorporated into the sales process in alignment with the buyer’s journey specified for each product or services in certain industry.

We believe that our approach of identifying the difference between sales process and relevant sales methodologies is one of our main edges in delivering exponential training results.