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Sales training & sales coaching are the same

There is a massive misconception about the concepts of coaching and training. Most of the time, people believe that training and coaching are the exact same service. However, they are two completely different services.

Sales training mainly targets a group of participants who are eager to learn about a certain topic, it is designed to improve the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the participants. The goal here is to ensure that the company’s sales team is well-equipped and highly performing.

 Therefore, at Horae, we foster continuous learning and development through our sales training programs that would drive your company to better results. Horae’s sales academy provides advanced techniques that can alter your sales game and overcome market challenges. As well as tailored programs to enhance unity and collaboration within the sales team.

On the other hand, Sales Coaching is a one-on-one kind of learning that also aims to better the participant and improve skills with complete guidance from the coach to push them to reach their full potential. This is done by identifying areas that need improvement as an initial step to focus on and reviewing the process along the way.

Thus, at Horae, we offer customized sales coaching programs that achieve long-lasting results for personal progression. Through our expert coaching, we empower individuals and groups to thrive in sales by reaching remarkable results. Not only do we offer sales leadership coaching for managerial levels to improve their leadership skills, but also sales team coaching for team members to improve their productivity as well as sales executive coaching for sales professionals to improve their selling methods.