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Elevate your sales performance with expert guidance.

"Sales is not a Job, it’s a lifestyle."

Learning & Development


Our sales trainings are built and designed to pass on our knowledge, expertise and passion of sales.

Horae Group builds its philosophy of training about people and specifically how to acquire the right knowledge, develop the skills, build the right attitude to turn them into productive habits.

If you already know your areas of development our sales courses are customized to meet your needs for all your levels of sales functions. We support you in:
Close more deals
Enhance technical sales skills
Increase productivity and efficiency
Reduce staff turnover
Unleash staff potential
Learning & Development

Sales Team Training

Mastering Sales Fundamentals 3 Days

  • A comprehensive understanding of the whole sales process. Ability to develop a winning mindset through effective communication and negotiation skills
Sales Technical Skills 2 Days

  • Gain more potential prospects based on analytics and close challenging deals to reach maximum profit
Generate & Convert 2 Days

  • Gain a comprehensive explanation of understanding the sales pipeline, how to analyze it, generate more leads, and close more deals
Customer Centricity
Excellence for Sales
1 Day

  • Increase customer retention and revenue growth. Create a professional image with the customer base and a competitive advantage
Sales Storytelling Half Day

  • Create engaging and persuasive sales narratives, leading to higher closing rates. Gain the skills and knowledge to build a stronger emotional connection with customers
Emotional Intelligence in Sales 1 Day

  • Improve customer relationships, gain higher close rates, increase revenue generation, and understand its relevance to emotional intelligence.
    Promote loyalty and repeat business
Sales Follow up & Closing 1 Day

  • E
    ssential skills to maintain prospects and leads’ interest throughout the process. Techniques to choose the right follow-up ways to increase sales success rate and enhance your positioning
Upselling & Cross-Selling 1 Day

  • Spot opportunities for higher revenue through upselling and cross-selling. Develop improved reputation and word-of-mouth marketing.

Soft Skills for Salespeople 2 Days

  • Obtain overall essential sales traits, boost your confidence, think strategically, manage your stress, and take your empathy to another level.

Why Choose Us


Elevate your business with our professional insights, secure and collaborative approach, and unwavering support.


Benefit from our dedicated approach and high-quality solutions.


Safeguarding your business information with utmost integrity.


Working cohesively to realize shared goals and create value.


Empowering your business to navigate challenges effectively.

Learning & Development

Sales Leadership Training

Mastering The Art
of Strategic Selling
2 Days

  • Align the selling process steps to the customer’s buying process steps. Overcome challenges to reaching credibility with key players. Apply the win-fast/lose-fast criteria to sales opportunities
Building Winning Sales Teams: Recruit, train & Motivate 3 Days

  • Explore strategies for assembling effective sales teams through careful recruitment. And how to train, inspire and retain sales talent and foster a high-performance culture
Crushing Quotas: Goal setting & Sales Performance Management 3 Days

  • Elevate leadership skills for effective sales team management. Set strategies and goals for your team's performance improvement. Use metrics for informed decision-making
Sales Team Structuring & Role Assignment 2 Days

  • Allocate salespeople’s efforts optimally prior to their recruitment. Ensure Sales teams are working cohesively towards achieving specific targets. Adopt the right strategies to adapt team structures and ensure ongoing success
High Impact Sales Coaching & Training 1 Day

  • Identify and address performance challenges and create a coaching culture within the sales organization to build rapport with your team, achieve consistent results and build a high-performing and well-developed team
Business & Corporate Strategy Alignment 2 Days

  • Think strategically and be proactive in developing and implementing adequate business strategies. Apply the technical aspects of business strategy and corporate strategy to actionable strategies in real-world situations
Business & Corporate Strategy Alignment – Advanced 3 Days

  • Develop the leadership skills necessary to guide teams and organizations through strategic changes effectively by deeply understanding advanced business and corporate strategies and their interdependence
Sales Process mapping 2 Days

  • Improve efficiency and productivity by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, reducing cycle times, and streamlining operations. Gain the skills necessary to boost your conversion rates, close deals, and ultimately drive higher sales and revenue for your organization
Product Analysis & Categorization 2 Days

  • Master Product Analysis, ensuring you stand out in an ever-evolving market and a competitor landscape. Harness actionable insights that transform your product strategies, and equip you with tools and techniques that turn challenges into opportunities
Account Analysis & Categorization 2 Days

  • Attracting the right customer segment, by deeply understanding clients, and relying on

    data-based solutions during decision-making processes

Focused Sales Leadership Skills 2 Days

  • Enhanced conflict resolution techniques, streamlined sales team monitoring, and inspired sales members to attain peak performance by cultivating an encouraging culture for their development
Advanced Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leaders 2 Days

  • Enhance sales leadership style. Develop using emotional intelligence to make informed decisions, better strategies to maintain positive relationships, and drive sales to new heights
Learning & Development

Customer Experience Training

Phone Conversation Mastery 2 Days

  • Personalized approach to phone-based selling that aligns with their strengths and overcomes challenges in phone conversations. Gain confidence in communication via telephone with the clients, so you can build rapport with them
Sales Soft Skills for Tele Sales 2 Days

  • Exercise patience with challenging situations. Develop pure empathy and transparency when

    connecting with customers, and resolve conflicts successfully and peacefully

Customer Experience Excellence 2 Days

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, translating into higher sales. Optimize strategies and techniques to serve customers beyond their expectations

How Can We help?

Unlock a new era of sales management success through our specialized consulting services. We provide strategic insights, optimize operations, and foster growth, ensuring your team’s peak performance. With tailored guidance, propel your sales leadership to unparalleled heights.
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