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Taking rejection personally

There is no hesitation in how bad it is to get rejected by a client. However, what makes it way worse is taking it personally. In other words, when the person gets rejected by a client whether they do not answer your call, cancel the appointment, affirm that they are not interested in your product or service and it is the thing they can benefit from. Therefore, the salesperson
tends to lose confidence and have lower self-esteem as well as blame themselves. However, the answer might be super simple it all about your product/service does not align with their
interests or needs.
It would be best if you handled rejection in a way that does not affect your mental health so that you can deal with the situation in a less emotional way to manage the conversation efficiently to decrease the probability of the occurrence of anxiety or depression.
The good thing about this is that you get to deal better with rejection in two ways!

-Take it lightly and change your mindset:
Ask yourself “Am I as a person should be into everything that everyone else is selling?” The answer is NO. The same applies to your client! Normally, they might not like your product so they reject the product not YOU as a person. This will lead you to accept rejection by grasping that not everyone is your prospect. So, treat a prospect’s “no” as information rather than rejection. Take his no as to how I am going to deal with it and whether you’ll exert more effort on how to turn the no into a yes or you’ll give up on him, which leads you to review your sales strategy.

-Review your sales strategy:
Evaluate your strategy and study your approach whether it is your pitch, sales skills, way of monitoring potential clients, etc, and analyze the weak and strong points of your sales process to improve your performance. You can get more insights through seeking feedback from your sales director/manager and your team members, so you can measure your progress and define your areas of improvement. For example, your selling technique may not help in building trust with your prospects because it lacks customer-centricity.

At Horae Group, we provide a wide variety of courses that work on enhancing the performance of the salespeople by focusing on developing their skills and their weak areas such as fear of rejection and how to manage rejection without taking it personally, and other essential skills.
Hence, rejection is not stressful, but taking it personally is. The more prepared you are, with a better mindset, improved sales strategy, and efficient pipeline management, the less stress you are likely to encounter.