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Tips on how to be a super-star

Being a salesperson is already challenging, what’s challenging more is becoming a sales superstar.

Let’s first have a look at the various types of productive salespeople,

Each type has a strong point in a certain aspect.

The hard worker: invests boundless energy and time into strong dedication, and super persistence, and would never say YES to failure.

The challenger: Thrives on change and jumps into new opportunities, always keen on bringing value to the client with different perspectives & insights. This one is a risk taker; he’d even push customers into getting out of their comfort zone.

The lone wolf: the manager’s favorite and most challenging type, self-motivated and self-reliant, driven by personal goals! This one knows how to follow their own instincts as they are so confident about themselves and their achievements.

The relationship builder: The people’s person! who thrives on meeting their client’s needs and expertly resolving problems. This salesperson advocates for human connection and trust building.

The problem solver: Every customer’s favorite, who addresses the customer’s pain points, acts as his personal consultant, and is always detail-oriented and meticulous.

You’d be probably wondering which type of salespeople you are, or you’d be reflecting on the variety of the types within your team. And most probably you are thinking I am all of them respectively. You got it right! and you got closer to being a sales superstar! A sales superstar is a beautiful combination of all good types of salespeople, It’s the type of salesperson who has the right adaptability level to know which correct skills to invest with certain types of clients and during certain cycles of the business in a defined industry. The methodologies of sales differ according to the type of salesperson. A sales superstar would understand all the elements of the sales process, become ultimately dedicated and passionate to the profession, be constantly genuine with clients, and be a master in emotions.

Find the superstar inside you and create a team of superstars by understanding more about sales competencies and skills.


Authenticity in client interactions, embracing the diversity of salesperson archetypes, mastery of emotional intelligence, and adapting skills to clients are your major factors to be a sales superstar.