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Learning & Development

Elevate your sales performance with expert guidance.

People with aspirations to become a salesperson usually think that their outgoing personality is enough to sell. However, it takes a lot more competencies and qualities than simply having an extrovert nature to efficiently sell products or services and attract more customers.

Sales Management

Learning & Development

The best training programs put a strong emphasis on thorough skill development, real-world application, and efficient learning strategies. These programs promote the evolution of skill, inventive approaches, and a dedication to continual advancement because they have a proven track record of creating expertise and encouraging growth. Our customized sales trainings are built and designed to pass on our knowledge, expertise and passion of sales. Horae Group builds its philosophy of training about people and specifically how to acquire the right knowledge, develop the skills, build the right attitude to turn them into productive habits.
Business sales consultant discussing in data documents at modern office.

Sales Academy

Business sales consultant discussing in data documents at modern office.


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Customized Sales Program


Empowering Our Esteemed Clients

Horae Group is privileged to collaborate with a diverse array of clients, delivering bespoke solutions and pioneering strategies. 

Learning & Development

Sales Academy

Success in the fast-paced world of sales is not just a matter of chance; it is a well-planned result of strategic actions and specialized tactics. Our customized sales programs are made to carve out a special route for your sales force and give them the abilities, knowledge, and techniques required to achieve and surpass goals.

Horae Group supports your organization in building internal Sales Academy as a comprehensive platform that develops skills, enriches knowledge, and fosters an excellent sales culture. It is not simply another training program. We enable your sales staff to develop into strategic sales leaders who regularly surpass expectations through interactive methodologies, including role plays, case studies, simulations, and customized curricula. We offer focused courses that lay a strong foundation and promote ongoing progress for everyone from entry-level employees to seasoned executives.

Excellence in sales is a constant goal. Our Sales Academy fosters a culture of continuous improvement by motivating your team to look for fresh perspectives, experiment with cutting-edge methods, and keep up with market trends. Improved conversion rates, shortened sales cycles, and greater revenue creation are all concrete results of the influence of our sales academy. At Horae Group, the Sales Academy isn’t just an educational endeavor; it’s a commitment to sculpting sales leaders who drive growth, innovation, and transformation. As you partner with us, you’re not just providing training; you’re fostering a sales force equipped with the tools to conquer new horizons.

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Material Design

Our main focus is developing training materials, presentations, and resources using material design guidelines. This strategy improves your target audience's visual appeal, audience engagement, and effectiveness. We create material that successfully transmits your desired message or information by fusing aesthetically pleasant visual appeal with educational substance. Utilize material design to improve brand recognition and communication effectiveness. We ensure that each element resonates with and is effectively communicated with the audience.
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Prior to full implementation, our services emphasize executing small-scale testing or trials of projects or programs. Before broader deployment, this method identifies potential problems, clarifies procedures, and collects critical input. The viability and effectiveness of a project are confirmed by running a small-scale replica of it. This plan reduces risks and guarantees that projects are carried out affordably. Piloting and comprehensive testing will ensure efficient implementation and success.
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Training of Trainer

Our services are centered on educating people who will conduct training sessions for other people, ensuring they have the abilities and information required for efficient delivery. With the help of specialized training, professionals who will serve as trainers may design engaging learning experiences. Observe trainers who are confident and empowered to lead sessions, which improves learning results. Improve the effectiveness of your training strategy by utilizing our ToT programs to create a knowledgeable and assured training team.
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Sales Compensation and Incentives Plan

Our services center on developing incentive compensation strategies that complement the motivation of salespeople and the financial success of the business. Incorporating salaries, KPIs, commissions, and incentives into the strategy ensures the proper balance between short- and long-term objectives, profit margins, and employee retention. We develop plans that keep salespeople motivated and engaged by strategically evaluating several elements that will help you witness improved performance and scalability. With our method, you may improve your strategy while assuring long-term growth and profitability thanks to a shared culture and thoroughly thought-out incentive structures.
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Academy Framework

Our services concentrate on developing a carefully planned curriculum for academies. This strategy ensures effective information transfer and skill development by laying a clear path for learning and advancement. We create a solid structure that includes the objectives of the program, the course outline, the delivery plan, and the evaluation criteria. This paradigm fosters a knowledgeable workforce, greater productivity, and a clear competitive advantage. Utilize our academy framework to boost your learning activities and drive success through well-planned and effective education.
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Sales Department Process

Our services are concentrated on evaluating the performance of existing processes and optimizing them. With this strategy, onboarding is streamlined, sales teams are scaled, and customized sales systems are developed that cover lead generation, prospecting, proposal creation, follow-up, tool use, and more. Create procedures that promote integrity, confidence, and teamwork. Leadership has more time to focus on product development and acquisitions as a result. Using our method, elevate your strategy while building a strong sales infrastructure that fosters efficiency and growth.

Current Situation Assessment

In order to understand the present state of processes, departments, or organizations, our focus is data collection. This strategy assists in identifying SWOT factors (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), which informs strategic planning and decision-making. We scan your organization's internal and external environments thoroughly to enable data-driven decisions and strategic planning. Improve your strategy with a current situation analysis, which will offer priceless insights for effective organizational change.
What We Do

Customized Sales Program

Success in the dynamic world of sales is not just an accident; it is a result that has been meticulously constructed through strategic approaches and personalized procedures. We at Horae Group are aware that the sales environment is as varied as the people navigating it. Our customized sales programs to your organization are made to carve out a special path for your sales team, giving them the abilities, perceptions, and approaches required to achieve and surpass goals. Our customized approach ensures: 

That the skills acquired become a part of your team’s arsenal, driving consistent success.

Business sales consultant discussing in data documents at modern office.


Our services center on assessing the efficacy, performance, or efficiency of procedures, people, or initiatives. This method produces priceless insights that may be used to gauge progress, pinpoint problem areas, and direct data-driven decision-making. We offer a data-driven framework for continual development by methodically assessing particular components within a bigger context. By using our evaluation services, you may optimize your strategy and make sure that your decisions are well-informed, changes are targeted, and success is measured.
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Our services are centered on facilitating interactive group discussions to debate particular topics, share knowledge, or resolve difficulties. This strategy encourages knowledge sharing, collaborative problem-solving, and inventive thinking. It is a focused event where people actively participate in conversations, tasks, and exercises centered around a specific topic. Watch as dynamic problem-solving and collaborative learning take place. Our interactive workshops will improve your learning strategy by encouraging participation, teamwork, and practical solutions.
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To optimize your sales program, we use a customized method that combines performance review, ongoing feedback, and customized training. Through tailored coaching, you may inspire teams, develop abilities, and achieve a competitive advantage. Develop specialized talents, cutting-edge tactics, and increased confidence to achieve long-lasting success. Customized coaching increases conversions, sales, and returns on investment. Improve your sales strategy to promote expansion in even the most competitive markets.

How Can We help?

Unlock a new era of sales management success through our specialized consulting services. We provide strategic insights, optimize operations, and foster growth, ensuring your team’s peak performance. With tailored guidance, propel your sales leadership to unparalleled heights.
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Frequently asked questions.

We set strict policies and confidentiality agreements that all our people follow to guarantee data security for all our clients. This is done through making sure everyone understands what should be identified as confidential.  

At Horae, we provide a wide variety of courses; they're all common in enhancing the individual’s professional and personal capabilities. Registering a course for you is determined by knowing whether you are a salesperson or a sales leader and in which level you are at to sign for a basic or advanced course level.

First, we believe that providing customized solutions as well as strategic insights for our clients is essential for the company's growth, so that every problem can have a solution. Second, achieving customer satisfaction and meeting his needs and goals so that eventually he’d reach the maximum potential profit. Third, we aim for being the go-to kind of firm to your company no matter where you stand, we will assist you anyways.

Our main goal is to help our client increase revenue by putting all the effort into acquiring the maximum profit. We focus on the problem that the company is facing, do consulting, and solve the issue by providing our tailored solutions.  


Through tracking ROI, revenue growth, cost savings, and profit margins compared to pre-project levels. In addition, a better market positioning is demonstrated through increased market share, brand recognition, and an increased competitive advantage. Also, adopting new technologies, optimizing processes, or enhancing customer experiences, we are constantly looking forward to learning about new updates and adapting our strategies and services.

The Horae name originates from the ancient Greek where The Horae were the goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time.The Horae guarded the gates of Olympus and rallied the stars and constellations of heaven. The Horae were responsible of the change of season, thus the rip of the fruits, and that’s what we do at Horae Group, we protect our client’s businesses and ensure the growth of their fruits.

Sales Management

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Know How to Win The Client

In the dynamic world of sales, winning a client is becoming more challenging. It is not just about preparing a good pitch, it’s mainly about